Wedding Party Budget Tips - 3 Strategies To Save Lots Of Money

If you are seeking to create your dream wedding on a budget, then you had better be prepared to do things "unconventionally". Not only do small budget weddings need skilled planning and unique ideas, they require patience & a great deal of determination. While the determination and patience will be entirely up to you, those special cash saving ideas you'll need can be quickly found down below.

Three Fabulous Money Saving Strategies For Weddings On a Budget...

- Ditch The Brand New Custom Made Wedding Gown. There's no reason to spend more than a thousand or so dollars on your wedding gown. And to be entirely truthful, there is actually no reason to waste more then a few hundred dollars on the gown! Do some searching, ask around, talk to close relatives, or perhaps contemplate renting the dress. After you have found a cheap gown, simply pay a seamstress to make the required modifications and you should be all set.

- Go Floral Shopping. Flowers are another large expense for weddings on a small budget, particularly when virtually no imaginative thinking is involved. Your best bet is to buy flowers that are in season and then arrange them yourself and/or by a good friend. This can save you several hundred dollars. For anyone who is truly bold, ditch cut flowers and use instead flowering potted plants. They are less expensive and may be equally as lovely & classy with the right touch.

- Use Your Very Own Decor Ideas. Experienced decorators will indeed do a nice job, but nearly everything which they can do you can do. Purchase the wedding accessories in bulk, look up some wedding decor ideas online, and then just plan it out. It isn't nearly as difficult as it looks. Just think about the cash you can save by using your own unique wedding decoration ideas.

There it is, 3 extraordinary suggestions which can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars when planning your dream wedding on a tight budget.

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